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Good morning everyone,

Today is Friday, February 8th of 2019.

To be honest with you, I don’t know how many of you that are following me through this blog, website  or any other social media. For those who still are, thank you I appreciate you, I hope you’re here because you supported me all this time not just as a women but also, as a women minority in this business. If you’re in ever in my shoes or you’re now same position like me you would understand.

I know it has been awhile I have not share or write anything in here. I hope you’re not forget about me. Can I be honest? I’m not looking for pity here just sharing. Yes maybe this is a platform for me to do so. How do I say this, I’m really tired and in my lowest being since I’m in the business but also as a women. I’m not sure if I have anything to look forward to. 

I was born and raise unfortunate conditions but I remembered I’ve always has something to look forward to in the future, I know deep down in my gut there’s something better, exiting in the future. I don’t know where I got that, but now is different. Have you ever feel this way? 

Was it because adult live is not like how I pictured them? Is it wrong and sin to admit that you’re not OKAY? I think I have a heavy load in me and I’m trying to unload it. Well if you don’t know me, I married to an Air Force career men. And his career brought us to different city’s and state. Is that wrong to say that I had enough of this moving around? Is it wrong wanting to be settled for once and for all? As a right now none is, well I take that back I have FAITH. But, it’s comes and go. 

I think I will stop here, and hope this is just a feeling that would be gone tomorrow. I will write here again, I hope y’all have a great days ahead.

Hugs & Love,








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