Keeping The Family Together!

Keeping The Family Together!

Keeping the Family together (again), this is what my husband & I decided. It has been quiet a journey for our family in the last 17 months. He's job with the military bring him to PA state, and I stayed here in Orlando, FL. Of course it has not been easy. But so does every other things in life right? It required bravery and commitment, and those are comes with action and sometimes expenses too. But recently he got an offered to the south side of the states which is MS, meanings he has to move again. Well, this time we decided to move to MS state as a family. 

With that said, I decided to closed my store down here in Orlando, Fl. And move to MS and see what life bring me there for. Of course you all can still find me online. There's lots of items there available for you. 

Thank you all for the opportunity you given me here in Orlando area specifically Winter Park, Fl. It has been a such an experience. I love you all. Please keep in touch with me through Facebook or Instagram. 


Much love,



Klara Bath

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