Meet Klara

Having been blessed with being born and raised in the Far East, I’ve always been mesmerized by the islands and the sheer beauty of my surroundings and environment. Traveling to several different countries, I have learned to appreciate the differences of each area and the unique customs that defines the way of life for each country. In all my travels, I have noticed that we all love the beauty of the details that surround us in a special way. When designing, I pull my inspiration from many places, but I usually settle for the inspiration that comes from the quiet but colorful culture of Bali, it draws me in every time.

Working with my hands has been a place of refuge for me even since I was a small child working on the farm in my village. Ultimately, it was no surprise when creating jewelry by hand became a source of satisfaction for me. Masterpieces that are made by hand catch my attention everywhere I go. The delicacy and detail of each creation speak to me in ways I’ve never found elsewhere. A personal favorite has always been the shimmer and sheen of pearls. What a perfect example and symbol of a relationship that is built upon the smallest stepping stones. Without the water, oyster and pearl seeds, the beauty of the pearl would never come to existence.

I hope you enjoy your new Klara Haloho pearls and I believe you will treasure your purchase for many years to come.

Thank you and Happy Shopping!