Hello Friends,

I Hope this summer has been an amazing season for you and loved one. This passed summer I realized one thing (I kinda know this already but I put it alive this season... for me anyway....)  TIME is the only one that we can't buy. Some of you might know, that I lost my daddy early this year, I know it wasn't a good start for me and of course among other things that lives bring in between. Theres so much "I wish" moment after I lost him or "I could have" moment but one thing I know I can't change a thing about pass, I only can change what ahead of me one thing at a time, I didn't say needs to be perfect because none would, I just focus on what I can do better and differently in the now moment... Lives is short after all. My daddy was only 58 years young when he left us. It was the hardest thing I ever experience. As people always said TIME is the only one would heals. 

So, this summer when I can spent my time relaxing, unwind or spent time with someone that dear to me, I did just that. Because I know sometime in the future, those decisions that I made where that moment has been create, would be a great memory and regret none.

I hope this summer you make that time to be with your loved one, to enjoy your loved one and better yet to cherish the moment. It doesn't have to be in specific location but make the best that that you can. My husband is in the military, Some of you might know is not easy sometimes. Well many times to me anyway. We live apart for over a year now. And this is not our first time, 3 times to be exact. There's no perfect time in this world, But I know you can make the time...

I share this photos with you is not because it looks perfect but because I cherish those time and make a great memory of it...

Much love friends,

Klara Bath

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